In Lucifer 'Bonus' Sneak Peek, God Asks: What If Deckerstar Never Met?

What is poised to be Lucifer‘s very final final episode spins a story about a world where Chloe Decker never detective’d with the Devil — as seen in this exclusive sneak peek.

The latter of Season 3’s two “bonus” episodes (which air this Monday on Fox, starting at 8/7c), titled “Once Upon a Time,” presents an alternate dimension where Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) not only has never met Chloe (Lauren German), but is granted the freedom of choice. Series regular Kevin Alejandro, who plays Dan, made his directorial debut with the episode (read preview here), while Lucifer’s comic-book creator, Neil Gaiman, narrates the fairy tale-like proceedings as no less than God (with a capital-G!) himself.

Press play above to watch Lucifer lay eyes on a certain dressed-to-thrill stranger, before he gets some very good news (of a professional nature) from [Spoiler].

In Monday night’s first “bonus” episode, titled “Boo Normal,” as Lucifer and the team investigate the murder of a child psychiatrist, Ella thinks about a big childhood secret that she’s been hiding. Charlyne Yi (House) guest-stars as a very special friend of the forensics whiz.

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Lucifer of course was cancelled by Fox earlier this month, spawning the #SaveLucifer/#PickUpLucifer social media campaign.