iZombie Finale Sneak Peek: Doomed Liv Says a Tearful Goodbye to Her Friends

Marked for public execution, iZombie‘s Liv has just one minute to exchange goodbyes with her nearest and dearest in TVLine’s exclusive video from Monday’s Season 4 finale (The CW, 9/8c).

In the above scene, Chase Graves offers Liv a deal: sixty seconds to impart her final words to her friends — just 20 seconds each for Clive, Ravi and Peyton — or she can offer up the names of her underground railroad cohorts in exchange for more time. Of course, Liv rejects the proposal and instead makes the most of her brief last moment with her loved ones.

After telling Clive where Levon’s documentary is stashed, Liv instructs her partner to release it in the hopes of getting the public on their side. She then urges a tearful Ravi to eat Isobel’s brain and hugs her emotional BFF Peyton.

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“If they go through with this, they’re going to pay, Liv. I will make it my mission,” Peyton says, and Liv has no doubt that her bestie will keep her promise.

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