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Dynasty Season 2: Liz Gillies Proposes 'Really Equal' Father-Daughter Fistfight

In keeping with the theme of Dynasty‘s season finale cliffhanger (house on fire!), we thought it was only fair to put one of its stars in the hot seat.

TVLine recently caught up with Elizabeth Gillies (aka Fallon Carrington) on the CW Upfront carpet in New York, where we presented her with the darkest of ultimatums: If she could only pick one character — Alexis, Cristal, Steven or Culhane — to rescue from the fire, which one would it be?

Gillies wisely chose to answer as her character (“She wouldn’t go back in, but she’d send help, for sure!”), before looking ahead to what Season 2 might hold for the Carringtons — including Fallon’s next sparring partner.

“Would I get in a lot of trouble if I fought Blake?” she asked. “If they did a really equal fight where we both got black eyes and stuff?”

While you probably shouldn’t hold your breath for that father-daughter smackdown, you can hit PLAY on our interview with Gillies above and drop a comment with your own hopes for Season 2 below.