Deadly Cliffhangers: 25+ Characters Left in Season-Ending Jeopardy!


The four-week broadcast period known as May Sweeps ended Wednesday, but its ramifications will be felt throughout the months to come.

That’s because, in addition to all of the births, deaths, weddings, proposals and new jobs that transpired during Sweeps — all of which were dutifully recorded on TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard — there were a whole bunch of cliffhangers that left some of your favorite television characters’ futures up in the air.

To put it another way: While you’re off floating in the pool and slurping down ice cream cones this June, July and August, familiar faces from several shows will hover at death’s door, forced to wait until next season to find out their fates. (Talk about a cruel, cruel summer — although it could be worse.)

We’ve gathered the 28 biggest question marks of Sweeps in the gallery above, making sure to note exactly where in their narrative the show’s Powers That Be chose to press “pause.” What kind of peril did Empire put three of its characters in just before the season finale ended? How, exactly, did the firefighters of Station 19 wind up in such seemingly inescapable predicaments? And NCIS: Los Angeles wouldn’t really knock off four of its major characters in one fell swoop… would it?

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Click through the gallery above for all of the May potential-death cliffhangers (or go to it directly here). Then hit the comments with your predictions for what’ll become of these characters-in-limbo in the fall. (Pro tip: Bookmark this page and come back to it right before the 2018-2019 season begins, in order to refresh your TV-watching brain after a few months of vacation.)