Tina Fey and Nicki Minaj Sing an Ode to Talking Trash in Cut SNL Music Video

Need help trashing your enemies? Tina Fey and Nicki Minaj will be happy to lend a hand… or a fist.

In a pre-taped sketch that was cut from this week’s SNL season finale, Fey joins cast members Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant for a spot-on parody of Haim’s smooth SoCal pop rock, singing “The Friendship Song” about the virtues of getting together with your friends and mercilessly attacking the people who annoy you the most. (The Haim parody even extends to the gals’ straightened locks and tinted sunglasses.) When Bryant’s character complains about a girl named Donna (Heidi Gardner) who never remembers her, her friends sing in support: “I’m gonna lift you up by tearing her down/I’m gonna dissect all her Instagrams I found.”

Minaj even stops by to drop a savage verse: “Let’s punch her in the face and take her jewels/It’s May, we don’t play with them April fools.” Ah… it’s always nice to have Nicki Minaj on your side when things get rough, right?

Press PLAY above to watch the cut sketch, then hit the comments to share your thoughts on “The Friendship Song.”

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