Siren Sneak Peek: 'Tragic' Season Finale Forces Ryn to Trust the Enemy

Facing life-and-death circumstances, Siren mermaid Ryn turns to a surprising source for help in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek from Thursday’s season finale (Freeform, 8/7c).

As seen in the video above, “Donna’s life hangs in the balance,” so “Ryn is now forced to trust Aldon Decker to help save her, even though he was responsible for her devastating abuse in the military lab,” creator Eric Wald previews.

Wald also warns that “the tragic events of our season finale will force Ryn to question her place in the world, both on land and in the water, and her relationship with Ben and Maddie.” Elsewhere in the episode, “the enchanting siren song takes hold of Ben and Decker,” per the official description. “Meanwhile, Dale must answer for the escalating crime in Bristol Cove.”

And should there be a cliffhanger ending, fans can rest easy: Siren already was renewed for Season 2.

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