Shadowhunters Season 3B Will Prove 'Heartbreaking' for Magnus and Alec

Shadowhunters Spoilers

Magnus Bane literally went to hell and back in last week’s Shadowhunters finale — but the torture has only just begun.

“It’s heartbreaking,” executive producer Todd Slavkin tells TVLine of Magnus’ journey following his decision to sacrifice his powers to save Jace. “But it’s also beautiful, because he learns a lot. He learns how to live in the moment, something he never had to do when he had powers. Season 3B is such a rollercoaster ride for Magnus Bane. We loved his arc in 3A, but for Harry Shum, Jr. as an actor, it’s a hell of a journey. It’s beautiful and profound and it’ll break your heart. You’re in for a ride that’s really intense to watch.”

Fans will be happy to know that Magnus learning “how to live in the moment” means we’ll be seeing a lot more “mundane” moments between him and Alec. (More homemade shampoo, anyone?)

“From looking at Twitter, the audience really responds to those slice-of-life moments,” executive producer Darren Swimmer tells TVLine. “As writers, we love that. With all that’s going on in this world, it’s hard to find those moments, or at least it’s hard to find space for those moments to breathe.”

And if you thought the Season 3A finale — which ended with the disappearances (and possible deaths) of Clary, Jonathan and Lilith — can’t be topped, think again.

“The finale of 3B will just blow your mind,” Slavkin promises. “Our motto is that we always try to push ourselves. Each season needs to be bigger and better.”

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