Sweetbitter Sneak Peek: Who Is Serena, and Why Does Simone Hate Her?

Sweetbitter‘s buttoned-up Simone gets downright angry — that is to say, her nostrils flare slightly — in this exclusive sneak peek from Sunday’s episode (Starz, 8/7c). And all because a mysterious woman named Serena calls the restaurant, seeking a last-minute reservation.

When Becky asks for some assistance finding room in the busy dining room for the mystery caller and her guest, Simone takes the quickest of glances at the reservation book before deciding that the eatery is fully, hopelessly committed for the evening. Even Becky’s reminder that Serena is “an alumna” does nothing to sway the ice-cold blonde’s decision.

And when Tess wonders who Serena is, Simone offers up little in the way of explanation. But she does issue a life lesson, so that’s something.

“The things that come easily to use are not what define us,” Serena advises Tess. “We find the edges by challenging ourselves.” Then she reprimands her for drinking water in the front of the house, because Tess can’t go two minutes on this show without making some food-and-beverage gaffe.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Simone get ruffled in the episode, titled “Everyone Is Soigné”, then hit the comments with your thoughts.