Grey's Anatomy: Season 14's Biggest, Wildest, Scariest, Saddest Plot Twists

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After getting off the emotional roller-coaster ride that was Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 14 Thursday, we’ll admit it: We needed a minute — and some oxygen!

With Krista Vernoff on board as showrunner, the resurgent ABC drama was surprising, sexy, heartbreaking and funny as hell. (Pass the pot cookies!) Which made it all the harder for us to try to pick out the 14 most memorable moments from the 24 episodes that we’d recommend as a summer binge to anyone who hasn’t already seen them. Should we go with the bits that made us cry… or the ones that made us laugh until we cried? The ones that shocked us or the ones that downright terrified us? In the end, we went with a little of all of the above.

But you’ll see that for yourself when you click on the photo gallery above — or go here for direct access. When you’re done scrolling through our selections, be sure to hit the comments with the moments that have stuck/will stick with you.