Kimmel Condemns 'Cowardly' Trump, Congress for Doing Nothing In the Wake of Santa Fe School Shooting — Watch

Jimmy Kimmel on Friday opened his ABC show by addressing the latest school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, which left 10 dead and 10 others wounded. But unlike his previous monologues that addressed the Las Vegas and Parkland massacres, the late-night host eschewed sadness for anger as he berated the “cowardly” politicans who continue to sit idly by and do nothing.

“Before we get to our guests and jokes tonight, I want to take a moment because, as you know, we had another school shooting today,” Kimmel began. “And once again, most of our leaders are sending their thoughts and prayers. President Trump said he is with the people of Santa Fe in this tragic hour and will be with them forever — except for when it comes time to do something, then he will not be with them, and neither will any of the congresspeople or governors who don’t ever do anything because they’re fearful that it will hurt them politically.

“They know the truth,” he continued. “They know this has gone too far, but they’re too cowardly to do the right thing. They care more about the support of the NRA than they do about children. So they sit there, with their hands in their pockets — pockets that are full of gun money — and they do nothing. They just wait for the outrage to pass, because it didn’t happen to their children.”

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Kimmel then suggested that “the only way we can make any meaningful impact on this epidemic is to make sure we vote for politicans who will do something,” and encouraged anyone who hasn’t already to register to vote. He then queued up a montage that cut between clips of Santa Fe High School students describing watching their friends getting shot, with politicans like Trump, VP Mike Pence and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz promising to protect the Second Amendment.

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch Kimmel’s powerful monologue in full.