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The 100's Bob Morley on Bellamy and Octavia's Difficult Road to Recovery: 'They've Got a Long Way to Go'

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It was a night of long-awaited reunions on Tuesday’s episode of The 100, though they didn’t all go as smoothly as you probably hoped.

The best reunion was obviously between Clarke and Abby; I don’t care how many times those two reconnect after thinking the other might be dead, I will never get tired of it. (Clarke saving Kane’s live upon her arrival was, I suppose, also a bonus.)

Bellamy and Octavia, however, ended the hour on considerably less favorable terms. After he convinced her that it was in her best interest to trust the prisoners — what are calling them, Jailkru? — one of them went rogue, firing at Octavia with his gun at full power and eviscerating the person who jumped in front of her.

Furious, she confronted her brother, “I trusted you. This is your fault.”

“There’s definitely a role reversal in their relationship this season,” Bob Morley tells TVLine. “Bellamy would usually try to strong arm Octavia into feeling a certain way, or he’d punish her or lock her up like he did in Season 1. But that approach didn’t work, so now he’s trying to empathize and understand her a little more. I’m hoping that rationale will work in terms of them becoming brother and sister again and getting back tot hat place where they’re happy in each other’s company.”

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Moving forward, Morley says, “This season is a very Blake-heavy season. They’re on the road to connecting again. There was a slight reconciliation over the radio at the end of Season 4, which was cut off, and I think Bellamy was hoping it would pick up from there. But this is The 100, so things aren’t necessarily going to work out. They’ve got a long way to go, her being the Red Queen and all.”

Below, Morley talks more about Bellamy’s journey in Season 5, including what we can expect from his new dynamic with Clarke:

TVLINE | Congratulations on the renewal, by the way. How did you get the news?
I was just sitting at home, actually, and Richard Harmon sent me a text. I had to, like, verify and double check everything. Because we’re in the age of Twitter and all that, it doesn’t always go through the original channels or avenues that you’d expect. Sometimes a fan lets you know. I guess Richard’s a fan. … It definitely felt like it was up in the air with this one, so I was very happy to hear that. I’m looking forward to working with my friends again.

TVLINE | I’ve actually been looking forward to speaking with you all season. I’m curious about your thoughts on the Bellamy/Echo pairing.
I imagined something like that would happen. I felt like it was hinted at a little bit at the end of Season 4, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to me. There are obviously still big question marks about why he’s with her, since she did try to kill his sister. The thread of it all is that Bellamy was also a tool of war, and Echo is very similar in that way. They’re both loyal to their people and very aggressive about that. The great thing about this season is that we get to know Echo better, not just as a spy or an assassin. She becomes much more personable. And you see her true nature, which is what Bellamy is really in love with.

TVLINE | I mean, if the rule was that you couldn’t date someone who tried to kill you or one of your relatives, no one would date anyone on this show.
[Laughs] Exactly. And of all the people on the ship, I think it was the most logical pairing, other than maybe Bellamy and Murphy.

TVLINE | How do you feel Bellamy changed during the time jump?
Throughout the season, you’ll see Bellamy making choices you’re not used to him making. There’s a head-and-the-heart approach that Bellamy takes now, which is something I sort of had to wrap my head around. Even the negotiating he did, not just killing all those people up in space. In a way, I feel like the character has been reinvented, which is great for me to play around with.

TVLINE | Do you feel his dynamic with Clarke has changed, as well?
She’s still the inspiration behind the man he’s become today, but she’s obviously changed quite drastically and become somewhat of a parental figure. It’s a hard change for anyone, I imagine. Luckily, Bellamy went through that a little bit with Octavia, though their approaches are quite different. Clarke’s family unit is her and Madi, whereas Bellamy’s has extended to this space crew that he was with for the last six years. So they have different agendas in that sense. They’re not fighting for the 100 or Skaikru anymore; they’re fighting for their own families.

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