Star Sneak Peek: Jahil's Olive Branch Cut Short By Hail of Gunfire

Star‘s Jahil can’t seem to catch a break.

In this week’s episode (Wednesday, 9/8c on Fox), Benjamin Bratt‘s problem-plagued alter ego attempts to do the right thing by offering to rip up the legally-binding A&A contract he signed with Andy and Angel. But because no good deed goes uninterrupted by a hail of gunfire, just as he’s about to hand over the document to his ex-client, an SUV comes barreling towards them as an unseen passenger starts shooting on them. Jahil instinctually jumps in front of Andy, effectively saving his life. But at what cost? Before the clip cuts out, it’s unclear how badly Jahil was struck.

Press PLAY above to see the drama unfold, and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Assuming the seemingly immortal Jahil walks away from this latest kerfuffle, how many of his nine lives do you think he has left?

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