The Flash Recap: Enlighten Up, Brah! — Plus, a 'Killer' Reveal for Caitlin

Flash Recap Season 4

This week on The Flash, as DeVoe took his final step toward unleashing The Enlightenment, Barry struggled to teach Cisco and Caitlin some new tricks, while Iris went on a mission of her own — to find Marlize.

Having finally resurfaced after getting ghosted by Marlize, DeVoe posed as Diggle to sneak into A.R.G.U.S.’ “Castle” and use Fallout to serve as a “battery” to power all five of his satellites. As the 12-hour charging process got underway, DeVoe strung up several A.R.G.U.S. guards as hostages, creating a dilemma for Team Flash: Though Barry could Flashtime into the facility, he would be unable to chase after DeVoe and save the hostages. Cisco and Caitlin presented Barry with a theory that Flashtime isn’t so much about “vibrating molecules” but creating a “Speed Force aura” around the people near him, which Barry could do for his friends long enough for them to tend to the hostages.

Alas, after several training sessions went pear-shaped — Cisco had breaching issues, and Caitlin’s cold gun fizzled out — Barry threw in the towel, gun-shy as he is about training anybody new since Ralph’s death. After Cisco refused to stand by as Barry tries to save the world alone again, the three of them forged ahead, successfully saving the guards (by coupling “breachlings” with Caitlin’s new “ice shooter”), while Barry followed DeVoe into his pocket dimension. Emerging on the other side after DeVoe had lobbed his satellites into the sky, Barry raced up to a building roof to hurl Amunet’s grenade at one, destroying it.

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The Thinker, though, scoffed at the small setback, before launching into a monologue about his plan to dumb down humanity and step in as its new teacher. When Barry argued that DeVoe is actually aiming to take away free will, and that people will be robbed of their familiarity with and feelings for others, DeVoe reiterated his stance that emotion is the “father of all error,” with love being the most detrimental one.

Meanwhile, Iris — sparked by Harry’s suggestion to follow Marlize’s “feelings” to somewhere she’d feel safe — tracked DeVoe’s missus to their old flat in England. Marlize didn’t take kindly to the uninvited breaching, but Iris implored her to see the error of her husband’s ways and join in their fight. Marlize surprisingly stood up for Clifford’s mission, stating that “man corrupts even the best of ideas” — to which Iris came back with a quite of Marlize’s own, that “pessimism isn’t smarter than optimism.” And deep down, Iris suspects Marlize is still an optimist, that she still believes in humanity, “and I believe in you.” So, just as Marlize once asked what Iris was willing to do for her husband, Iris asked: “What are you willing to do for the world?”

Back at STAR Labs, Barry, Cisco and Caitlin reconvened to celebrate the destruction of the satellite… only to quickly realize that DeVoe had commandeered their own to replace it! Worse, he is INSIDE THE BUILDING, using Gideon to initiate the Enlightenment!

Elsewhere in the episode:

* The later stages of Cecile’s pregnancy triggered the release of a hormone that in turn “stretched” her powers to the point that she doesn’t just read minds but inhabits them — goofy “‘za” delivery “brah” included. And based on next week’s promo, that will come into play in the finale.

* When Caitlin met with Barry and Iris’ shrink about her “missing friend” (Killer Frost), it was suggested that Caitlin’s DID was triggered by a childhood trauma. After one of the botched training sessions with Barry indeed triggered an old memory, Caitlin asked Cisco to vibe her to that moment — where a very young Cailtin was revealed to have Killer Frost inside her, years and years before the particle accelerator explosion. Wha?!

What did you think of Season 4’s penultimate episode?