Lucifer Boss Laments: Now That We're Cancelled, Finale Will 'Frustrate' Fans

Lucifer Renewed Netflix Season 4

Lucifer‘s season-ending cliffhanger will be pure you-know-what for fans, now that the Fox drama has been cancelled after three seasons.

Co-showrunner Joe Henderson, amid a series of cancellation-related tweets on Friday afternoon, forewarned that because they ended the season in a way that begs for renewal —  as many “bubble” shows wisely do — the finale now runs the risk of frustrating viewers.

“We created a season finale with a huge cliffhanger so that there was no way Fox could cancel us,” he wrote. “Instead, we’re going to frustrate the hell out of you fans. I’m so sorry for that.”

The synopsis for what is now the series finale, titled “A Devil of My Word” and airing Monday at 8/7c, says, “Shocked by Charlotte’s death, Chloe, Lucifer and the rest of the team work together to investigate and take down the killer. Then, Lucifer has an epiphany, Maze decides to mend a broken friendship and Chloe finally sees the truth.”

Does that mean Chloe literally sees the truth, as in Lucifer’s devil face? In a scenario where he gets back the ability to bust it out? I haven’t laid eyes n the finale yet and thus do not know, but that’d be a hella way to cut to black on Monday night.

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