Could Cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine Be Hulu's First 'Rescue' in 3 Years?

Brooklyn Nine Nine Renewed Season 6 Hulu

Fox’s cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine could be just the program to get Hulu back into the “show saving” game.

Hulu hasn’t “saved” a broadcast network’s castoff in three years — since May 2015, when it did so for the very first time, to give The Mindy Project a new home after three seasons on Fox. (Similarly, Netflix is going on three-and-a-half years since it saved any freshly axed show.)

But Brooklyn Nine-Nine, like Mindy, is a Universal Television production. And Hulu, as it did with Mindy, already has a deal in place to stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes. As such, a precedent exists — and, our sister site Deadline is hearing, there have already been talks about the acclaimed and beloved sitcom making the move to Hulu.

Deadline also posits that TBS (which airs B99 reruns and whose president, Kevin Reilly, developed the comedy back when he was at Fox) and Netflix (though unlikely, due to Hulu’s SVOD deal) may also be interested in playing hero, while THR says NBC itself could throw its hat into the ring.

In the wake of so much passionate reaction from fans — including famous folk such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Hamill and Guillermo del Toro — could Brooklyn Nine-Nine be this year’s Timeless, and cheat death? Close your eyes and hope for something good! (Title of Amy’s sex tape.)