Atlanta: The 19 Most Memorable Side Characters of Season 2, Ranked

Atlanta FX Season 2 Best Characters

The beauty of Atlanta‘s excellent second season — a deliriously creative whirlwind of comedy that pushes the boundaries of what a “comedy” even is — is how each episode tells its own little story.

All ten episodes so far contribute to Season 2’s “Robbin’ Season” theme, but they also stand alone, not necessarily connecting to what came before them or what follows. And thanks to that storytelling freedom, the spotlight often wanders away from the core stable of Earn, Al, Darius and Van to settle on a colorful parade of wonderfully weird side characters.

Some of these side characters stuck around for multiple episodes (Tracy!); some only popped up for a few seconds. But they all made an undeniable impression on us. Here, to celebrate Atlanta‘s Season 2 finale (FX, 10/9c), we’ve collected and ranked 19 of our favorite side characters from this season — from strippers to alligators to German folklore monsters. (Hey, we said this show throws a wide net.)

Check out the photo gallery above — or click here for direct access — to see who (and what) stood out to us in Atlanta‘s second season, then come back and hit the comments to remind us if we’ve missed one of your favorites.