Arrow Recap: To Whom Did a Desperate Oliver Turn for Help? At What Cost?

Arrow Recap

Baseball on The CW has been berry, berry bad to me, when it comes to Arrow recaps this spring.

But at the end of the day, when it’s two outs in the bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded, what I, Matt Webb Mitovich, am all about is giving you a place to discuss the latest adventures of Oliver Queen aka The Green Arrow and friends!

To very succinctly sum up this week’s episode, titled “The Ties That Bind”:

With Diaz now targeting for death not just Oliver but everyone he holds dear, it was all hands on deck as OTA and NTA reunited — ultimately in the latter’s hideout, after Diaz destroyed the bunker. (Ugh. Maybe the Season 7 one can have actual security installed?)

Also driving home the point that Diaz’s threats are hitting far too close to home: Team Arrow attacked him at SCPD, where Felicity ignored Oliver’s wishes and entered the fight inside, almost getting herself and her husband killed in the process.

At episode’s end, Oliver knew that reconstituted or not, Team Arrow was simply outmanned and outgunned when it comes to battling Diaz and the crooked SCPD force. So, in a last ditch effort, he turned to a frenemy — FBI agent Samandra Watson — to see if the feds could lend a hand or 100, in the name of bringing down Diaz the rising crime star. Agent atson very begrudgingly considered Oliver’s solicitation, though she had her very clear terms: Confess to me, once and for all, that you are the Green Arrow.

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And Oliver did.

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Now, heading into next Thursday’s finale, we are left to wonder: What if anything will Watson do with that incarceration-worthy intel? And will the feds indeed join Team Arrow in loosening Diaz’s grip on Star City?