Younger Season 5 Trailer: Is the Timing Finally Right for Liza and Charles?

Younger‘s wildest season yet — which I feel confident saying, having seen only the first episode — is almost here. And this time, Liza isn’t the only one with a secret.

TV Land on Wednesday dropped the official trailer for the Sutton Foster comedy’s fifth season — premiering Tuesday, June 5 at 10/9c — and it features a whole lot of Liza-Charles action.

“Sneak around and do it, like, 30 times until the novelty wears off,” Maggie advises. “Then, if it’s still hot, tell the truth, blow up your life and maybe it’ll be worth it.” (It’s possible she isn’t speaking to Liza when she says this, but I feel like it could be applied to her either way.)

Elsewhere in the trailer…

* Kelsey is juggling two gentlemen at the same time (including Zane), and when Liza responds with a hint of judgment, she wisely replies, “You have been gaslighting an entire company since the day I met you. Can I have one secret?”

* Pauline tells Liza that she suspects Charles has feelings for someone else, unaware that Liza is that “someone.”

* Lauren and Diana finally have some quality interaction, and it’s just as ridiculous as you hoped.

* It also looks like Diana and Maggie are dipping their toes back in the dating pool. (Not together, of course. But can you imagine?!)

* Fresh off his marriage to Claire (boo!), Josh seems really sad. “We were never real,” he laments — but is he talking about his relationship with Liza, or his relationship with Claire?

Hit PLAY on the video above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.