The Originals Recap: Klaus Receives a (Gross) Clue About Hayley's Captor

The Originals Recap

Convinced that one of New Orleans’ supernatural factions was responsible for Hayley’s disappearance, Klaus resorted to a reckless tactic on Tuesday’s episode of The Originals: death threats! (Frankly, I’m surprised it took him this long. Isn’t that usually his first response?)

After interrogating the most powerful vampires, witches and werewolves in town, Klaus took it on himself to locate the mother of his child, eventually stumbling upon a house where she was once held captive. How do we know she was there? Well, in addition to her wisps of fear still palpable in the air, there was also a pretty pointed message on the wall: “Filth. Freak. Crossbreed.” And it was written in blood, so you know whoever wrote it was not effing around.

Klaus’ next brilliant, totally-thought-out move was to hold one member of each faction hostage — Josh, Colette and David were the unlucky tributes — and threaten to kill them if Hayley wasn’t returned to him by sundown. Marcel nearly talked Klaus into letting them go (guys, he’s just sad about Elijah!), but when someone delivered a box containing a slice of Hayley’s flesh, he flew into a blind rage and murked two-thirds of his hostages. (Shocker: Josh was the one who survived.)

New Orleans was pretty much on the brink of war at this point, leading everyone to make some desperate moves — like Marcel choosing to align himself with Klaus and co-rule over the vampires. (Like the old saying goes: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em… and then steal their daylight rings!) Klaus, meanwhile, had deduced that a vampire was responsible for Hayley’s disappearance, though that theory may have to be re-evaluated given the gold swastika coin Klaus found in her box of flesh.

Color me surprised that Klaus has yet another old foe out there just waiting to get revenge. I could explain what these guys all about, but I think this promo for next week’s episode gets the job done nicely:


Meanwhile, 11 hours northeast of New Orleans… Freya paid an unexpected visit to Mystic Falls for some quality bonding time with Hope. You know, typical aunt-niece stuff: They ate some beignets, they gossiped about cute boys and Freya revealed that Hope’s very existence could very well trigger the collapse of the entire supernatural world as we know it. Then some more beignets.

What came next was actually kind of beautiful. Freya sat Hope down for the talk that all Mikaelsons need to hear, even if so few actually do: Not only does she need to prepare for the worst (i.e. Hayley’s death), but she also needs to learn how to deal with that potential grief. People in their family have a bad habit of either closing off or lashing out — both of which Hope did in the span of a single day — and neither ends well, as the show’s past five seasons (plus a few more on The Vampire Diaries) can attest.

Also worth discussing…

* It was quick, but during Klaus’ interrogation of the vampires, he totally burned Marcel: “Perhaps your royal status has wilted along with your marital prospects.” Ouch.

* I’m really digging the romance between Vincent and Ivy. In fact, I like Ivy a lot in general — which means she’ll probably either die or turn out to be evil, though I hope I’m wrong!


* This werewolf-slaughtering Nazi cult is clearly the greater threat in all of this, but let’s consider something for a moment: If they did employ a vampire to steal Hayley, it had to have been Roman, right? Me no trusty.

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