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Shadowhunters Star Reacts to Clary's Fate, [Spoiler]'s Departure and More

Shadowhunters Recap

Things certainly escalated quickly for Clary on Tuesday’s Shadowhunters, didn’t they?

The last episode before next week’s two-part finale found Clary — by way of the Soul Sword — confessing to everything she’s done in Jace’s name since the events of Season 2: Her wish, his revival, Lilith’s possession. Everything. But just when you thought her bold self-defense might earn her a free pass, Clary was told, “Being a Shadowhunter is about sacrifice. That’s the one thing you never learned. Maybe you will now.” And just like that, she was sentenced (gulp!) to death.

Meanwhile, Alec and Izzy attempted to break Lilith’s compulsion by entering Jace’s mind, only to learn that their “brother” wanted nothing more than to be put out of his misery. They refused, using a song from their childhood to help him finally see the light. (“Three go in, three come out.” Them’s the rules!) Unfortunately, Lilith’s not a big fan of Shadowhunter rules; at the first opportunity, she showed up to steal him back. I suppose Lilith letting Magnus live, so as not to start a war with his father, should provide some comfort… but now I’m just worried about the Magnus’ father. If he scares Lilith, he scares me.

And a fact-finding mission turned into so much more for Simon and his new werewolf squad. With Maia and Jordan’s help, he figured out that Lilith is plotting a demonic resurrection ritual, though the audience remains alone in knowing that it’s Jonathan she intends to revive. Simon also made the mistake of leaving the exes alone for a minute; “It’s taken everything I have to put you behind me,” Maia yelled at Jordan. “Why won’t you just let me hate you?!” Honestly, had Simon not returned in time, Maia — who had already begun to transform — probably would have killed Jordan. (So close!)

Below, Alisha Wainwright responds to this week’s biggest twists, then reveals what the future (aka Season 3B) has in store for Maia:

TVLINE | Before we talk about this week’s episode, I feel like I need to congratulate you on last week’s. That was a huge episode for Maia.
It was actually really fun, because there was an innocence and a sadness to her, but also an optimism for the future. These are all things we experience when we’re 18 and young and free; our hearts are full, they’ve never been broken. So these are wonderful moments to play. It’s the same Maia — she’s still snarky and all that — but we now see how much this one singular event in her life has changed her. I think that was the most important story point. This was a completely life-changing thing he did to her.

TVLINE | It certainly explained why she’s as guarded as she is.
For sure. There’s a great quote I read the other day, “I’ve got walls, but they’re thinner than you think,” and I think that’s such a great way to describe Maia. When you meet her, she comes across very strong and protected, but if you take the time to get to know her, there’s a mushy, vulnerable person beneath all that. Trauma forces you to keep those walls very rigid, but people like Simon can see past that.

TVLINE | I love them together.
Me too! And everybody’s like, “I ‘ship Jordan and Maia!” and I’m like, “Wait! She’s still with Simon, guys!” I know that everyone wants “Sizzy,” but let’s give Simon and Maia a chance. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Jordan certainly seems to have triggered her old emotions.
She processed it by leaning on someone like Luke to show her the Downworld way. She has people to look out for her, but she kind of just left her past behind her. For her, it’s like drudging up these things she’s refused to even think about for years. Simon got close enough to even hear this story, and in my heart, I decided that Maia has not told anyone this — other than Luke. So it was a very vulnerable point to even have a discussion about Jordan. It’s hard for Simon and Maia to process Jordan’s role in their lives, but in order for her to forgive him, she can’t ignore him.

TVLINE | Might she still have unresolved feelings for Jordan?
[Laughs] I mean, have you had an ex? … I can certainly relate to being in a relationship I thought was going one way, only for it not to work out because choices were made. It’s a protective stance to get angry and push someone away, but it stinks, because you want her to lean on Simon and work through it with him. But she feels she needs to resolve these issues on her own. She leaves at the end of this episode, but she will come back after spending some time on this thing. It’ll fuel a lot of the direction her character takes in 3B.

TVLINE | So we shouldn’t count on Maia trying to help her boyfriend’s best friend out? Clary’s gotten herself into some trouble.
Well, she left, so she’s not going to be back for a little bit. I think the show will iron out some of the issues we’re having. Maia’s story is big, but the Lilith storyline is bigger, so they’re dedicating the finale to handling that. When Maia comes back in 3B, it will be off to the races.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Clary’s fate? Maia and Jordan? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.