Supergirl Recap: A Rumble With the Worldkillers Inspires a Huge Confession

Supergirl Recap

Kara & Co.’s mission atop Monday’s Supergirl was simple: Locate their enemy’s base, defeat the Worldkillers and save Sam, all while overcoming an ally’s perceived betrayal. Wait, sorry, did I say simple?

Like most of the DEO’s missions, this one yielded somewhat mixed results. Sure, the gang tracked down Worldkiller HQ by visiting Sam in that little nightmare-scape we were introduced to last week, but they didn’t exactly save her. In fact, the battle ended with Reign absorbing Purity and Pestilence’s essences (R.I.P., ladies!), making her more powerful than ever. I suppose it’s somewhat encouraging that Purity experienced a change of heart shortly before her demise, but that sliver of hope doesn’t make Reign any less of a threat. And it doesn’t stop Ruby from being her primary target.

For those of you who enjoy relationship drama — and don’t we all? — there was some of that this week, too: With Pestilence defeated and the Legion victorious, Imra is ready to gas up the ship and hightail it back to her time. But she may have to settle for Brainy as her only roadside companion, considering how obvious Mon-El is being about wanting to stay. Mon-El doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to revealing pertinent information, so this should be interesting.

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As for the “betrayal” I mentioned earlier, Lena admitted to the DEO that she sedated Reign in her lab using Kryptonite she allegedly inherited from Lex, promising that she’d depleted her supply. A not-so-thorough investigation by Guardian (James just couldn’t bring himself to break into Lena’s vault!) “proved” Lena was telling the truth… and she wasn’t the only one coming clean. In the episode’s final moments, James revealed his Guardian-ship to her, which she took surprisingly well. (James was less thrilled, however, to learn that Lena has secretly been manufacturing her own artificial Kryptonite.)

We should also discuss…

* I’m glad Winn finally got around to making Alex a suit of her own, but I’m considering it a nice start. I’d love to see her go full vigilante, name and all, someday.

* I know we suspend our disbelief a lot with this show, but Lena is way too smart to be waltzing around the DEO, seeing all the people Kara is always hanging out with, and not connect the dots.

* Speaking of which, why exactly was Kara so furious about Lena keeping Sam’s identity from her when she’s been withholding a pretty big secret of her own?

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