Lucifer Recap: In the Arms of an Angel

Lucifer Renewed Netflix Season 4

Lucifer this week chased after the old normal only to realize it better to take things in a new direction. That led to a joyous moment that, TV being TV, was offset by a tragic twist.

Wondering what to do in the wake of Chloe’s break-up with Pierce and, as usual, leaving Dr. Linda’s office with the wrong marching orders, Lucifer set out to revisit his and Chloe’s “Greatest Hits,” evoking moments from the old “normal” so as to get them back on track. Jokes were made, songs were played…. But upon observing Chloe solve the Case of the Week without his help, Luci had an epiphany, which he shared at episode’s end with the highly capable detective: If you let me work alongside you, it must be because you want to.

Only one thing stood in the way of Lucifer opening himself up to Chloe, and that was his darkest secret. And short of being able to produce his monstrous mug, he simply declared to Chloe: “I am the Devil.” Her considered response: “No, you’re not. Not to me.” Which then led to the couple’s most meaningful kiss to date, interrupted only by an urgent call to Chloe’s phone….

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The Case of the Week involved a client of Charlotte’s former firm, a famed MLB vet whose wife had been murdered. (Hey, Matt Fielding!) Having glimpsed the guy during one of her “Hell Loop” nightmares — as well as years ago disposed of a bloody duffel bag of his, handed off to her as a young associate — Charlotte was convinced he had a hand in the killing. And sure enough, some snooping (with help from Amenadiel and his old chlamydia scare!) confirmed that the husband had a long, long record of abusing women and then hurling hush money at them. Charlotte’s assistance in the investigation led to a confession to at least one murder, and thus the guarantee that he won’t abuse any more women.

That extremely good deed had Charlotte feeling extremely good about herself, as Amenadiel met her at an overlook to celebrate. Alas, Pierce was lurking in the shadows, (literally) aiming to (literally) put down Amenadiel once and for all, seeing as a no-longer-conflicted Maze had bailed on their plan to do him in together. Charlotte, though, jumped in front of Amenadiel and saved him from the clumsily fired bullets, taking at least two to the gut. As she faded in Amenadiel’s arms, she asked the angel to stay with her, and he promised — moments before his wings returned, and he carried Charlotte’s soul home, up to Heaven.

Chloe, Lucifer and a bereft Dan then rushed to the side of Charlotte’s corporeal self, her brand-new “waffle” bracelet from Dan dangling from her lifeless wrist.

What did you think of the season’s penultimate episode, “Quintessential Deckerstar”? Sad (if not entirely shocked) to see Charlotte go, or was the time right? Will Amenadiel stay in Heaven? And what of Maze and Dr. Linda??