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Superstore: Jonah Paternity Twist Was Scrapped — and Here's the Reason Why

Superstore creator Justin Spitzer is well aware of that since-debunked fan theory.

The NBC comedy’s April 19 episode ended with Amy kissing Jonah before telling him that she was pregnant. This led many (including 75 percent of TVLine readers polled) to assume that, despite previously ID’ing Adam as the father, the show would soon reveal the baby was in fact Jonah’s. That hunch was quickly squashed the following week, when Amy and Jonah revealed to Adam that they never hooked up, despite many suspecting something went down after that suspiciously romantic golf lesson. 

“It’s funny, because there was one writer who specifically kept pitching that very thing,” Spitzer tells TVLine. “At the time, I thought it’d be surprising, but given how many people predicted [the potential paternity twist], I guess [not].”

Spitzer also argues that making Jonah the father would have been a disservice to those fans who have waited three long seasons for Cloud 9’s star employees to, umm, “visit the photo lab.” (Jonah and Amy eventually had sex in Thursday’s Season 3 finale.)

“I felt like it’d be robbing the audience of the joy of seeing them get together,” the EP adds. “To just say, ‘This couple that you’ve been waiting to get together for so long had sex last month and we just didn’t show it’ [felt wrong].”

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