Once Upon a Time Series Finale Promo Pits Returning Heroes vs. Final Threat

The following contains spoilers from this week’s Once Upon a Time.

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the vanquishing of one threat was celebrated, while unbeknownst to almost everyone, a new foe had emerged — setting the stage for the two-night, series-ending battle (airing Fridays, May 11 and 18).

When Henry and Jacinda’s “first” kiss didn’t undo the new curse, Gothel suggested to Regina that the lad’s belief simply wasn’t what it once was. Regina thought that Henry touching the storybook would make the difference, but nope, it didn’t. Instead, the True Love’s Kiss that was needed was between son and mother, when Henry — awoken by hearing on the phone his younger self, who’s currently a high school grad still in Storybrooke (?!) — rushed to Regina’s side after she got KO’d during a clash with Gothel.

The sweet kiss planted on Mom’s forehead triggered the pulse that woke everyone else, including Rogers/Wish Hook, Tilly/Alice, Margot/Robin, Jacinda/Ella and Tiana/Sabine. Hook, Rumple, Alice and Margot then arrived on the scene, where Alice used the support of her loved ones to spark magic that she unleashed on her mother, turning her into a tree.

As the others celebrated the big win (or, if Alice, watched heart-poisoned Dad get tended to by EMTs), Rumple sought out his photo album, only to find it missing. He then confronted Facilier, who mocked lovelorn Rumple… before getting slayed by behind, by a familiar imp. “You didn’t think a Wish Realm could hold me, did you, dearie?” bleated Wish Rumple to his other self.

Watch the promo for the two-part finale above, which features many returns — Jennifer Morrison, Josh Dallas, Ginny Goodwin and Emilie de Ravin included — as the heroes face this final crisis.

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