Last Man on Earth Finale Sneak Peek: Watch the Opening Scene of (Possibly) the Last Episode... Ever

“I guess it’s time we say our final goodbyes,” Tandy opines in Sunday’s Last Man on Earth finale (9:30/8:30c, Fox), and the double meaning will not be lost on anyone. While Will Forte’s eternally-sunny survivor is technically referring to the gang’s imminent departure from Zihuatanejo, the line also underscores the apocalyptic satire’s extremely uncertain fate. TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard currently has Last Man‘s Season 5 renewal chances at “a long-shot,” and word that the similarly-monikered Last Man Standing is now in Fox’s 2018-19 comedy mix presumably diminishes the show’s odds of survival.

Should Sunday’s Season 4 climax end up being Last Man on Earth‘s final goodbye, the series would sign off just as the survivors are embarking on a fresh start. (In last week’s penultimate ep, the gang discovered that their current Mexican crib is actually a weapons depot/cemetery.) “The house is filled with dead bodies sealed up in the walls,” Todd explains to a gobsmacked Tandy in the above sneak peek. “It’s like a gingerbread house made of corpses.” And making matters worse, there are, as Erica exclaims, “Guns all over the place — you’d swear we were still in America.”

But where will they go? (The episode is titled “Cancun, Baby!,” which probably means nothing.) Also, will Tandy & Co. run into the creepy sea of humanity that was least seen exiting that mysterious hatch in the desert? Ponder those Qs after you enjoy the exclusive clip above. 

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