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Shadowhunters Star Ponders the Consequences of Clary's Confession, Previews Luke's Future With Maryse

Shadowhunters Recap

Clary could be facing some serious repercussions after Tuesday’s Shadowhunters — as if it wasn’t enough for her to be thrown off a roof onto a parked car and left for dead.

Following the aforementioned roof/car incident, Clary came clean to Alec and the others about reviving Jace at Lake Lyn, which clearly left him vulnerable to Lilith’s influence. But rather than turn her into the Clave, Alec hugged her (d’aww!) and said he would have done the exact same thing. And he wasn’t the only one who had an emotional reaction to the news:

With Izzy in tow, Clary and Alec went to Idris to seek Imogen’s help, but all hell broke loose when Jace showed up. After stabbing his newly discovered relative, Jace retreated to the cemetery, where the Shadowhunters managed to subdue him. But in order for Alec and Izzy to escape with Jace, Clary needed to offer herself up as a distraction, never realizing she might just wind up in the Guard.

Back in New York, Maia came face-to-face with Kyle (aka Jordan), the ex-boyfriend who turned her into a werewolf. Through a series of flashbacks, we saw their entire relationship, from their first meeting on the beach to their final, bloody encounter in the woods. It’s no surprise that Jordan is trying to get reassigned by the Praetor — no matter the consequences.

Below, TVLine chats with star Isaiah Mustafa about this week’s dramatic hour and what’s still to come — both in the battlefield and in Luke’s love life:

TVLINE | Going back to last week’s episode, I didn’t predict the Luke-Maryse pairing, but it made so much sense once it came together. What was your reaction?
I wasn’t too surprised, because of what you just said. It was like simple deduction: Who could Luke get involved with? You think, “Simon’s mom?” But no, because she’s a mundane. So you keep going down the line and think, “Maryse? … Interesting!” That might actually work out. They have to become friends first, but it might work out.

TVLINE | I love that he’s just burning through moms.
[Laughs] Right? He’s just going through the Institute like, “Hello. Does anyone know any single women?”

TVLINE | Will we see that spark continue to grow?
I think so. I think what you saw was the budding of it all, the very beginning of something nice. But it really is them trying to clear the air and get over any old arguments that might have prevented them from being friends. And they actually do remember some of the nicer moments from their past, not just the contentious ones.

TVLINE | As far as ladies go, Luke had considerably less luck with Sam this week. Was that you first TV slap?
I think so! I’ve been punched before, but the punches are always fake. The slap was kind of real.

TVLINE | And slapping someone is… it’s a big move.
Right? Slapping a grown man? That’s like challenging him to a duel or something. In the past, when you slapped someone, somebody died after that. [Laughs]

TVLINE | And that was after she busted into the police station yelling about the Shadow World. Is no one else at the precinct concerned?
I have this fantasy where Luke comes in and starts whispering about the Shadow World, and over by the coffee machine, they’re like, “Is he talking about being a werewolf again? Does he know that we know?”

TVLINE | Luke has become a guardian for so many characters — Clary, Simon, Maia. Are you starting to feel like he’s everyone’s surrogate dad?
Absolutely. I’m starting to feel like if anyone on the show has a problem, they need to go talk to Luke. In a weird way, he’s like Better Call Saul. You’ve got some problems? Better call Luke.

TVLINE | So I imagine he won’t be happy to find out what happened to Clary.
Luke doesn’t want her to be locked up, I know that for a fact, but I think Luke gets it. It’s Idris. Everything is going to be handled in a very political way, so it’s going to take some time. He’s got a second to deal with the emergency.

TVLINE | Whenever I hear “Idris,” I think of Idris Elba.
Me too! Someone asked me what I think about Idris on a Facebook Live and I was like, “I love him.”

TVLINE | Does Luke feel guilty about Clary’s capture, since he helped cover up her secret?
Oh my God, yes. And that’s Luke in a nutshell: knowing people’s secrets, but not being able to tell anyone, then when the secret gets out, he’s like, “Shoot, I knew that. I’m responsible.” It’s a lot like being the Pope, I imagine. You hear a lot of confessions, but you can’t tell anyone.

TVLINE | I mean, I’ve always seen Luke as a young Pope-type.
He’s the Pope of the Shadow World! You heard it here first.

TVLINE | With only a few weeks left, what can we expect?
Luke and Izzy team up for something, and it’s epic. You don’t see that interaction very often, and this time, it’s worth it. It gets serious, and they complement each other very well.

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