MSNBC's Joy Reid Apologizes for Homophobic Remarks, Maintains: 'I Do Not Believe I Wrote Those Things'

Embattled MSNBC host Joy Reid apologized Saturday for decade-old anti-LGBTQ comments that appeared on her blog The Reid Report, although she stopped short of taking full responsibility for the disparaging rhetoric. After initially claiming that she had been hacked, Reid admitted on AM Joy that a subsequent investigation turned up no evidence of cyber foul play.

“I genuinely do not believe I wrote those hateful things because they are completely alien to me,” she told her viewers. “But I can definitely understand, based on things I have tweeted, have written in the past, why some people don’t believe me. For that, I am truly, truly sorry.”

Reid also issued an apology to conservative pundit Ann Coulter, whom she likened to a man in a series of circa 2010/2011 tweets. “I want to apologize to the trans community and to Ann,” she said.

Watch Reid’s sorta-mea culpa below, and then hit the comments with your snappy judgements.