May Sweeps/Finale Preview: Get 110+ Spoilers, Plus Exclusive Photos!

TV Finale Spoilers

May Sweeps kicks off Thursday, April 26, meaning your favorite broadcast-TV shows are primed to unleash a final flurry of episodes, including always-exciting, often-agonizing season finales.

What funeral twist does NCIS have on tap? Which Leonardo DiCaprio film will The Flash evoke? Which princess bawled during Once Upon a Time‘s series finale? Is Geena Davis behind a Grey’s Anatomy departure?

Will Lucifer suffer loss of life? Which #OneChicago couples are in trouble? Will Riverdale unmask the Black Hood killer (for real this time)? Will Roseanne‘s Darlene reunite with her “first love”?

Dive into our May Sweeps/Finale Preview gallery (click here for direct access) to get those answers and many, many more.