Shadowhunters Recap: The Owl's Final Hunt Leads to a Major Reveal

Shadowhunters Recap

So much happened on Tuesday’s Shadowhunters, I’m not even sure where to begin. Simon’s stalker, perhaps? Or maybe the latest handsome obstacle for Alec and Magnus?

In keeping with the spirit of this complicated episode, I guess I’ll begin at the end, with Clary and the gang unmasking the Owl after catching it puking into Ollie’s mouth. Yes, Luke’s partner turned out to be the final virtuous mundane required for Jonathan’s revival — which was especially good news for Izzy, considering Jace-Owl (what are we calling him, Jowl?) initially targeted her new doctor boyfriend.

As it turns out, unmasking Jowl was kind of an accident, merely part of Clary and Magnus’ ongoing investigation into the demon that stole a piece of her soul. Their sleuthing also led them to Brother Zachariah, who revealed that Jace never visited the Silent City for treatment. You know, I’m starting to understand what Dominic Sherwood meant when he told me, “You’re going to see things get a lot worse than we’ve seen so far.”

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Speaking of situations getting worse, Heidi went full Swimfan upon finally meeting Simon. I had my suspicions when she started spouting cliché stalker dialogue (“We belong together, Simon. You’ll see!”), and they were confirmed when she catfished him into meeting her in a dimly lit basement. Simon foolishly informed her that he has a girlfriend, putting an immediate target on Maya’s back — not that she’s the type of woman to go into hiding.

Unfortunately, Heidi mistook a friendly exchange between Simon and Izzy for something “Sizzy”-like and assumed she was Simon’s girlfriend. Izzy made quick work of the misguided fledgling before trying to convince Simon to turn Heidi over to the Clave. But when Izzy found out that Heidi was the vampire on whom Raphael had been experimenting, she agreed to send her off with Praetor Lupus for rehabilitation — a decision that Heidi was… not thrilled about.

Also worth discussing…

* Was anyone else genuinely worried that Alec was going to hook up with Underhill in a drunken stupor? Those two got way too flirty for my liking, and Underhill’s insistence that dating a non-Shadowhunter might be more difficult than it’s worth did nothing to reassure me. Just the worst. (Seriously, what would that couple name even be? “Alechill”? “Under Alec”? … Actually, that second one sounds like something else.)

* I have to admit, I didn’t see this Luke-Maryse thing coming, but I’m already putting my full support behind it.

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