The Flash Recap: Cold Comfort

Whoo-boy, it’s been an emotional week in the Arrowverse thus far.

Coming off a Supergirl episode that explored Kara’s lingering heartbreak, Sam’s ghastly realization and J’onn’s dad’s dementia, The Flash asked: Why isn’t Barry shook by Ralph’s tragic death? It then told us why, before eventually opening the spigot on his emotions.

And much credit for coaxing Barry to confront his feelings goes to Leo Snart, who was brought from Earth-X — the day before his wedding to Ray “The Ray” Terrill, no less — to help cool down the radioactive meta Fallout in the course of a transfer to an ARGUS facility. The transfer got waylaid, though, by DeVoe, who had not only anticipated the involvement of Snart but also Siren-X, an unhinged assassin/Laurel Lance doppelgänger from Earth-X. What DeVoe did not foresee, however, was Barry freezing up during their confrontation, affected as he was by seeing Ralph’s killer. That allowed Siren-X to best them both and abscond with Fallout, while holding Joe and Caitlin at cold gun-point.

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The last fighter standing for the Nazi regime (and angered with those who killed her crush, Dark Arrow), Siren-X aimed to exact an eye for an eye by exposing the CCPD to Fallout’s radiation. Barry and Snart breached in to stop her, but promptly got bowled over by sonic cries. Seeing Barry freeze up again, Snart bellowed for his friend to stop trying to run away from what’s inside him, that Ralph’s death wasn’t his fault. Soothed some by the words, Barry sprung into action and KO’d Siren-X, while Caitlin and Snart got to cooling down Fallout with a pair of cold guns.

In the aftermath, Joe found Barry sobbing up in his old CCPD lab. “He trusted me, and I let him down,” Barry said of his mentee Ralph. “He was my responsibility, and now he’s gone.” Later with his and Iris’ shrink, Barry would elaborate further, on how Ralph back when they first met only saw the worst in people, but recently had changed. “It took me so long to see what he’d become, I never chance to tell him how proud I was to be friend — and always will be.” [Sniff]

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Caitlin opened up some to Leo about losing her cold powers, and how she “misses” her alter ego, with whom she was just getting close. After the completed mission, Leo said that Frost would have been proud of Caitlin’s bad-assery. With Iris at her side, Caitlin later looked at the results of a test she ran, showing that while all dark matter is gone from her system, her DNA does still possess a cryo anomaly — the question is, how to activate it?

* When Cisco pressed Harry to make a second thinking cap (“two heads are better than one” and all that), Harry ultimately smashed Cisco’s — and then confessed how he overloaded his own with dark matter, and as a result fried his brain in a way that he is slowly unlearning everything he knows. And would have to relearn it anew! Cisco says they will find a way to reverse the damage.

* Marlize is pleased as lemonade to have the original Clifford back — so much so, she was itching to enjoy some quality husband/wife time. Hell, she even changed into his favorite dress to force the issue! But Clifford has no time for such distractions, nor should she, he maintained. And after witnessing Barry Allen get sidetracked by his own “primitive cognitive entanglements,” Clifford reiterated his stance, that Marlize is to serve as his “technician” until their work is complete, to avoid derailment. “I see that now,” Marlize replied, turning away, tears down her face. “More than ever before.”

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