Jane the Virgin Finale: Watch [Spoiler]'s Surprise Return at Cast Table Read

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Jane the Virgin‘s Season 4 finale.


Jane the Virgin‘s Season 4 finale “resurrected” Michael. Now, series creator Jennie Urman is sharing footage of the moment most of the cast learned of costar Brett Dier’s shocking return.

In the behind-the-scenes video, the stars are seated for their last table read of the season. When they reach the final scene, a door is opened to reveal Dier standing outside. The room erupts, and Gina Rodriguez leaps into her (former/current?) TV husband’s arms.

Watch the joyous moment below:

As Urman explained to TVLine, Dier’s return has been in the works for a while: “I talked to Brett about this about a year ago,” she says. “It really had to do with the build-up and set-up to the beginning of the end and what telenovela tropes we have left to play. There are two big ones that we’ve been saving, one of which is this return from the dead, and then there’s another.”

And while she refuses to confirm or deny whether the man we saw was actually Michael, there’s one telenovela trope she’s ruling out: “It’s not a surprise twin, that I can tell you.” (To read our full post-mortem with Urman, click here.)

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