Scandal Series Finale: Deleted Scenes Included Grim Fate for [Spoiler]'s Killer

Scandal Cyrus Dies

Fans of the major casualty in Scandal‘s series finale can take comfort in the fact that his tragic death was avenged.

Midway through the ABC drama’s very final episode on Thursday night, VP Cyrus Beene met with David Rosen (he’s the Attorney General of the United States, FYI) just before B613 and its sympathizers would be held feet to flame, in a Senate hearing. And in one of his final, Machiavellian acts, in the name of sealing President Mellie Grant’s impeachment and propelling himself into the Oval Office, Cyrus poisoned the AG.

By the time the curtain closed on Scandal with a small time jump and Stevie Wonder-scored montage, it appeared that Cyrus’ only punishment for his latest horrid crime would be a forced resignation. But during the cast’s live table read of the finale script on Thursday night at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, several scenes that didn’t make it to air came to light — including justice for David Rosen, Attorney General of the United States. Per multiple reports from the event, the cast read a scene in which Cyrus is alone at his home when he hears a strange noise — and then finds Huck holding his very special toolbox and declaring, “I’m here for justice.”

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Other deleted scenes reportedly included Olivia counseling her father not to take the fall for B613 (to which Rowan proudly countered, “I’m taking the credit“) and the revelation that Marcus has become a senator by the time Mellie is signing the Assault Weapons Control Act of 2021.