Scandal's Joshua Malina Victim of Epic Jimmy Kimmel Prank — Watch Video

It’s a night Joshua Malina won’t soon forget!

The notorious prankster gets what’s coming to him in the following clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live, which finds the Scandal star at the center of a diabolical prank involving both Kimmel and costar Katie Lowes.

The footage above follows the oblivious victim-to-be, who thinks he’s about to surprise a family of Scandal superfans for an upcoming segment on Good Morning America. Of course, the whole thing’s just an elaborate ruse, and Lowes is in on the joke. The entire family is comprised of actors pretending to be Gladiators.

When they arrive, a fake GMA producer hands Malina a confetti cannon. He shoots it off almost immediately after walking through the front door, inciting a medical emergency. Malina doesn’t suspect a thing, and is sincerely worried about what he might have done.

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch Malina get punk’d, then tell us if you think this prank went too far.