Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's, Good Doctor, Walking Dead, Blindspot, Elementary, Once Upon a Time and More

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Question: I was pissed that Walking Dead teased us with the helicopter all season and then didn’t tell us whose it was. Do you know? —Luke
Ausiello: No — but I do know that you’ll eventually find out whose it is. Going into Season 9, “there is absolutely a story there,” showrunner Scott Gimple tells TVLine. “We have plans for that. But there was other business to take care of [in ‘Wrath’]. What was happening between Rick and Negan was the major story that we had to conclude.”

Question: Were there Whisperers in that big herd in The Walking Dead season finale? — Des
Ausiello: Maaaybe. Just like maaaybe the posts that the AHK alliance passed marked — in a manner familiar to readers of the comics — the turf of the walker-skin-wearing villains. “There’s things that people are pointing out that I didn’t realize,” Gimple admits. “I’m like, ‘Wow, maybe subliminally something was there!’ So yeah, there may have been tiny little tips of the hat to the Whisperers but nothing too big.”

Question: When is Nick gonna come back to Grey’s Anatomy for Mer? —Sammie
No word yet on when — or even if — Scott Speedman’s Dr. Marsh will be returning to pick up where their flirtation left off. But when/if he does come back, he may find that he has competition: Photos from the ABC drama’s May 3 episode make it appear that Grey is having a great time on a date with a new guy, played by Loren Dean (perhaps best known as Lili Taylor’s ex in Say Anything). Now, he could just be a doctor who’s been wowed by Mer’s mini-livers presentation in that episode. But do mini-livers really pair well with darts and look like this much fun?

Question: Are there any slots on your May Sweeps Scorecard reserved for Arizona and/or April on Grey’s Anatomy? —Caroline
Ausiello: One of those two departures is indeed reflected in our May Sweeps Scorecard.

Question: I’m worried that Fox is going to cancel Last Man on Earth. Do I need to also be worried that the entire series might end on a cliffhanger? —George
Ausiello: If you’re asking me whether the May 6 finale ends on a cliffhanger the answer is an unequivocal yes.

Question: I’m worried about American Gods Season 2. Please put me at ease. —Jill
Ausiello: Not sure I can do that, Jill, but I can tell you that the Starz series is casting not one but two younger versions of Shadow, likely for flashbacks to when he was at the start and end of his teen years. From Neil Gaiman’s book, we know that Shadow was a quiet kid who loved his mom very much and took her death hard; I hear that the show will depict him learning to protect those who need it and coming into contact with the realities of growing up black in the United States.

Question: What can you tease for Quantico Season 3? –Sam
Ausiello: Fans of Johanna Braddy’s Shelby will be pleased to learn that she’ll have a lot more to do this season, if new showrunner Michael Seitzman has anything to say about it. Citing the time jump between the Season 2 finale and Thursday’s premiere, the executive producer previews that the FBI agent “went to Syria, for example, in those three years. There are things that happened there that made her mature and made her grow. There’s a really big thing that happened, which we learn about in [the premiere] that I don’t want to talk about because I don’t want to spoil anything for anybody, but there’s a giant life change for her.”

Question: What can be teased about what Rumple will face in this week’s Once Upon a Time episode and how will it help him move forward with his quest? –Ashley
Ausiello: As you may have heard, Rumple this week gets surprising information about the Dark One’s dagger, and getting his hands back on it will require him to revisit an old rivalry. “There’s an altercation between Rumple and Regina,” Lana Parrilla told Matt Mitovich. “She has something he wants, so they have a little bit of a moment.” Because to cave to Rumple’s demands would put at risk that which Regina treasures most. “She wants to save her son,” Parrilla reminds. “That’s her No. 1 priority.”

Question: Big fan of Legends of Tomorrow Season 3. Anything to share yet about next season? –Leo
Ausiello: If you love the Waverider’s “found family,” brace yourself for some arguments at the proverbial dinner table. “I think we’re ready to maybe have some real betrayal within the ranks of the Legends,” says Phil Klemmer, who next season will serve as sole showrunner. “Things have gotten really tranquil, so next season I do want the Legends to sort of turn against their own. And I don’t want these to be cosmetic plot shifts, I want them to have consequences that will be lasting and that will affect the DNA of the show.”

Question: Thanks so much for confirming the good news re: Hawaii Five-0‘s renewal. Any word on Scott Caan’s contract for Season 9? I’m (perhaps foolishly) assuming Alex O’Loughlin is set, but my anxious lil’ Danny-loving heart would love to know if both boys are back. Can’t imagine the show without them both. Cheers! —Lisa
Ausiello: I’m hearing they will both be back.

Question: Any chance we’ll see Frankie successfully bring along the “blue snack bag” before The Middle takes its final bow? –Andrea S.
Ausiello: “All I can say is that we haven’t seen the last of the blue bag yet…,” says EP DeAnn Heline.

Question: I found a rare Tattoo-y Smurf figure in a duffel bag in Times Square! I can send him your way, but only if you can tell me if the major fatality that this season’s Blindspot episode titles are strongly hinting towards is represented on your May Sweeps Scorecard? —Ryan
Ausiello: Yes it is. And though series creator Martin Gero wouldn’t specify which character is being referenced in this titular puzzle — which thus far spells out, “One of us will give our…” — he did confirm that fans should brace for a potentially fatal twist in the final stretch of Season 3. Teases Gero: “I will say that people have read correctly into the meaning that’s hidden in the titles.”

Question: Anything on The Blacklist? —Sam
Ausiello: Now that Red’s other daughter is in the picture, the NBC drama will spend some time exploring the twisted dynamics between Jennifer, Ian Garvey, Red and Liz. “We watched Ian Garvey murder Tom. Clearly, he’s a bad guy,” series creator Jon Bokenkamp tells us. “But Jennifer paints him in a different light and has an entirely different experience than Liz or Reddington have had with him. His connection with Jennifer, and their shared history, is going to unfold [in the April 25 episode], and it’s an incredibly intimate and unexpected story.”

Question: Any scoop on Elementary? —Keely
We’ve got some bad news for fans of Natalie Dormer’s Moriarty: Unfortunately, the scheduling didn’t work out for an encore, executive producer Rob Doherty tells TVLine. But Sherlock’s ex will still figure into Season 6 (premiering April 30). “We will address their relationship over the course of the season,” the EP says. “We will talk about where Sherlock and Moriarty are these days. We’ll see how Sherlock feels about her as a nemesis and a potential romantic partner. His health is going to give him cause to look at what he has in his life that’s good and working, and what he is missing.”

Question: Are Brett from Chicago Fire and Antonio from Chicago PD really over this time? Or will we see them together again this season? –Sarah
The exes have some scenes together in tonight’s Fire, but “I just wouldn’t expect any fireworks this season with Brett and Antonio,” showrunner Derek Haas shares. “I know that P.D. is ramping up for their own sort of breathtaking finale, and we couldn’t step on whatever they were doing. We have to be respectful of whatever their storylines are. So, timing-wise, I don’t think there’s going to be more ‘Brettonio’ until next season — should we get a next season.”

This AAnd That….
♦ I ran into Good Doctor‘s Freddie Highmore at last weekend’s day-long, Emmy buzz-generating Deadline Contenders event and he informed me that the drama’s writers’ room reconvenes next week. But that’s not the big news. The big news is that there will be a seat in said writers’ room with his name on it, and that’s because Highmore will be penning at least one episode in Season 2. (Highmore has experience behind the camera, having written two episodes of Bates Motel during the A&E drama’s five-season run.)
♦ Holy Schitt — did you see this?!
BLIND ITEM: An hour-long drama series listed as a “safe bet” on our 2018 Renewal Scorecard is on the verge of getting downgraded to “could go either way” — and the potential status change is not the result of any kind of ratings downturn. Rather, it’s due to an increasingly untenable “personnel problem,” per a source. Turns out one of the series’ leads has become impossible to work with, and his massively disruptive behavioral issues are causing the network/studio to rethink bringing the series back.

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