Arrow Recap: No Bueno Diaz

Arrow Recap Season 6

Bat men (that is, the New York Yankees) again played havoc with my Arrow viewing this week, by preempting the CW drama here in the Tri-State Area (not to be confused with Phineas and Ferb‘s Tri-State Area).

And yet I know how much y’all love to talk about Oliver & Co,. so here is the place to do it — albeit in the absence of an actual recap.

What I do know is that this week’s episode, “The Dragon,” was Ricardo Diaz-centric, as the architect behind the seizing of Star City traveled with Laurel to Blüdhaven to take a meeting with The Quadrant — an coalition of elite crime families. Diaz offered up Star City as ripe for the taking/drug dealing/gun running/money laundering, and all for “free.” Instead, in exchange he only coveted a “seat at the table.”

Alas, The Quadrant’s Eric Cartier (hey, it’s Daniel’s evil friend from Revenge) laughed in the general direction of Diaz’s overture. A humiliated and desperate Diaz later unloaded a gruesome mixture of brutality and smarts to command the respect he sought (as well as exact revenge on those who dissed him). Was it all a bit too much for even cohort Laurel to stomach?

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Elsewhere in the episode: Felicity and Curtis were able to set aside OTA vs. NTA infighting to check in on Helix Dynamics and keep that dream alive.

Once again, not a recap, just the broad strokes — and more importantly, a place for you, the gentle viewer, to discuss The Green Arrow of Star City! Lemme know how the actual episode was.