Colbert Can't Contain Glee Over Hannity-Cohen Connection — Watch

Fox News host Sean Hannity denied Michael Cohen’s assertion Monday that Hannity was one of Cohen’s legal clients… but that didn’t stop Stephen Colbert from having a heyday over the revelation on that evening’s Late Show.

After pointing out how vociferously Hannity has defended Cohen, President Donald Trump’s controversial lawyer whose office was recently raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Colbert mimicked experiencing a near-religious experience after Cohen’s lawyers were forced to reveal in court that his short client list also included the cable-channel personality.

“Jon Stewart, after the show, I’m gonna come over, and we’re just gonna spoon,” Colbert joked.

He added: “How did Fox News let him go on the air with this massive conflict of interest? Did he not tell them? Or did he tell them, and they just ignored it? I’m gonna go with the first one, because I know Sean Hannity, and delivering factual information is not his strong suit.”

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Colbert revel in his bliss.