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Roseanne: Sara Gilbert Answers 4 Burning Qs About 'Darlene v. David'

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The following story contains spoilers from this week’s Roseanne — proceed at your own peril.

Darlene and David rekindled their dormant flame in Tuesday’s Roseanne, but the estranged spouses quickly put a pin in their romantic reunion for the sake of kids Harris and Mark. Well, Darlene put a pin in it and an initially-reluctant David eventually agreed. (Our full recap of the episode can be found here.) Below, Darlene’s portrayer, Sara Gilbert (who’s also an EP on the revival) answers four of the episode’s biggest unsolved mysteries.

TVLINE | The episode ends with David planning to move back to Lanford, which seems to suggest we’ll see more of Johnny Galecki next season. Will we?
We’re hopeful he will able to do more next year.

TVLINE | Darlene found out that Roseanne was communicating with David behind her back. She was obviously angry, but she moved past it fairly quickly. In a perfect world where you have more than 22 minutes to tell a story, is it fair to say that would’ve been a bigger bone of contention between Darlene and her mom?
Yes. That could’ve been an entire episode. One of the challenges we had was that we only had Johnny for one episode, so we had to accomplish a lot in 22 minutes.

TVLINE | David had a scene with daughter Harris but not with son Mark. How come?
We had spoken at length about the fact that Mark might not recognize David. And that would be [opening up] a whole can of worms. And, with just 22 minutes, we would not have been able to properly serve that storyline.

TVLINE | I kind of wanted to meet David’s mysterious girlfriend Blue. Was that ever discussed? Might we see her next season?
There was no way we could’ve thrown [her] into this episode. We wanted the focus to be on David and Darlene. But I think it’s certainly a possibility that we’ll see Blue next season. We’re just assembling the writers room now and just starting to talk about ideas. But I think that would be fun.

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