The Flash Recap: The Unthinkable — Who Went Down in Epic Throwdown?

Flash Recap Season 4 Episode 18

Actual and exciting things happened on The Flash this week — finally! — as Barry & Co. took the fight to The Thinker’s secret lair.

Or… so they thought.

Using a new dark matter scanner on the infamous “bus,” Barry and Ralph turned up a clue that ultimately led them to Edwin Gauss aka the final bus meta, who has the power to create his own pocket dimension. After bringing the bohemian to STAR Labs for his own safety, Edwin gives Ralph the idea to use the new meta’s power to access DeVoe’s lair.

Ralph, though, means DeVoe harm, even after getting the “heroes don’t kill” speech from Barry, and so Barry arrives to stop his plan. That said, Ralph did have half an idea, so Flash, Vibe and Killer Frost have Edwin send them into DeVoe’s pocket dimension, where they plan to use Harry’s “Sonic Scepter” to mimic Izzy’s power of dissonance and fell their foe. Alas, all the trio find in DeVoe’s lair is a hologram, while the real Thinker and wife Marlize materialize inside STAR Labs!

With Barry, Cisco and Caitlin temporarily trapped in the pocket dimension, and after DeVoe had assumed Edwin’s form, it was up to Ralph, Iris and Joe to battle DeVoe, Marlize and a samurai robot, while Harry raced to the vault to give his “thinking cap” a supercharge/overdose of dark matter. Joe dispatched with the samurai, Iris triumphantly sent Marlize back to whence she came and Ralph got the drop on DeVoe — and refrained from killing him. Alas, Barry returned to STAR Labs just in time to get whammied by DeVoe and be forced to helplessly watch as The Thinker consumed Ralph’s powers and assumed his form. (And just as Ralph proudly professed his new, non-lethal hero attitude!)

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Afterward, a forlorn Barry retreated to the P.I. office to pack things up, gently brush off Iris’ attempt to comfort and toast his lost friend and padawan.

Elsewhere in the eventful hour:

* As suggested above, Harry has developed a bit of a “thinking cap” addiction, which Joe especially took notice of. Worse, seems hes been dosing it with dark matter, despite promising the team otherwise.

* After revealing to Iris that she and Killer Frost have started leaving notes for each other — and having just learned how to use an epinephrine shot to access her alter ego — Caitlin’s encounter with DeVoe’s “Melting Pot” power left her 100 percent free of meta powers.

* In the bonus scene, The Thinker and Marlize toasted their success, before “Ralph” used his powers to reshape himself into the original Clifford (accent included!) He then reminded a thrilled Marlize that they must maintain conviction as their plans have yet to reach apex. Producing a stash of dark matter siphoned from Harry’s “thinking cap” hook-up, DeVoe gloats that “the fire that burns down Team Flash will light the path to Enlightenment.”

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