Supergirl Preview: Will Mon-El Share the Legion's Secret With Kara?

Supergirl Mon-El Secret Legion

When last we tuned into The CW’s Supergirl (returning tonight at 8/7c), Mon-El had confirmed for Imra that his feelings for ex-love Kara remain super-complicated. And his “wife” in turn had something to share with him.

“He does love and care about [Imra], and doesn’t want to hurt her,” Chris Wood says of Mon-El’s truth-telling. “Their marriage is not a sham in the practice of it, but the inspiration for why they got into it was more of a faculty to accomplish their mission.

“It was very pragmatic — and that doesn’t usually spell success,” Wood adds with a chuckle.

In that same spirit of (albeit delayed!) honesty, Imra proceeded to let her husband in on a not-so-little secret — the true reason behind the Legion’s involvement in Earth’s brewing battle with Reign and the other Worldkillers. And that reveal has the potential to change everything.

“We know that Mon-El was leading the Legion on this mission,” Wood reminds. “But there’s another layer of that that Mon-El wasn’t privy to, that they didn’t inform him about because they were worried that he might not go along with it.”

Without detailing exactly what Imra shared, Wood adds: “It adds a layer of betrayal and mistrust” — amongst Imra, Brainiac and Mon-El, as well as any others who light be made privy to the Legion’s agenda. “All the characters don’t really know how to go forward once this secret comes out,” warns Wood.

Will Mon-El immediately relay his discovery to Kara & Co.? Or is his first allegiance to the Legion?

“A big lesson that Mon-El has learned on the show is that it’s not usually good to keep secrets, especially when it’s about something important to the mission and to the group,” Wood notes. And Mon-El might not wish to repeat the mistake his fellow Legionnaires made. “They probably should have kept him in the loop! But that’s just my opinion.”

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