Supergirl Recap: So That Was the Legion's Top-Secret Plan!

Supergirl Recap

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d be able to write: The big Laurie Metcalf episode of Supergirl has finally arrived!

Monday’s hour, the first since the show went on hiatus back in February, began innocently enough, giving several of the actors who didn’t get to sing during the musical crossover with The Flash — i.e. Mehcad Brooks and Chyler Leigh — an opportunity to show off their pipes via a night out at a karaoke bar. (The series of performances also revealed why Hank was not invited to play in the Music Maestro’s little realm of rhymes.)

But the evening hit a sour note when Winn, who was about to melt everyone’s faces with his rendition of A-ha’s “Take on Me,” learned that his father (aka the villainous Toyman!) had died in prison, leading to a flurry of complicated emotions — and a reunion with his mother.

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Mary explained to Winn that their two-decade estrangement was a result of his father threatening to kill him if she ever made contact, and even in death, Winn isn’t safe from the Toyman’s treachery. That much was made clear when his father’s coffin exploded as it was being lowered into the ground, and it was reinforced when a flock of flying monkey toys attacked the DEO. (I’m going to need a gif of Laurie Metcalf grabbing that one monkey by the foot immediately.)

After discovering that the Toyman had a “protege” behind bars — a woman who apparently worked in maintenance at his prison, though I’m not about to rule out her actually being Dr. Erica Hahn from Grey’s Anatomy — Mary confronted her, only to end up as bait for Winn. Fortunately, with Supergirl & Co. by his side, Winn was able to rescue his mom, mend their broken fences and finish “Take on Me” at karaoke… as a duet!

Elsewhere this week…

* Mon-El finally apologized to Kara for lying to her about his royal identity back in Season 2, adding that he can now relate because Imra (and Brainy!) kept the purpose of the Legion’s mission from him. It turns out that Pestilence, the third Worldkiller, evolves into a dangerous being known as Blight in 1,000 years, which is why Imra and Brainy purposely guided the Legion to present-day National City. “If we can find her now, in this time, we can save everyone,” he told her. (So maybe Reign isn’t the biggest of Big Bads this season?)

* Kara and Mon-El also briefly discussed him wearing his full suit, cape included, as we saw in those sneak-peek photos last week.

* Lena spent the week dodging James’ calls, eventually granting him the courtesy of a response at the end of the episode — though she failed to mention that her “busy” work at L-Corp included trying to find out what’s wrong with Sam.

* After noticing that J’onn’s father was repeating himself and forgetting things, Alex deduced that M’yrnn was experiencing signs of dementia. He basically confirmed this, but asked that she keep it a secret from his son: “He just got me back. I can’t ask him to watch me disappear, inch by inch.” (Just rip out my heart, why don’t you?!)

Your thoughts on Winn’s unexpected family reunion? M’yrnn’s tragic twist? The Legion’s real mission? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.