Timeless Recap: Three's Company! Plus, Was JFK Assassination Stopped?

Timeless Wyatt Jessica

This week on NBC’s Timeless, the bunker welcomed a VIP in the form of he who would be the 35th POTUS. But what happened when JFK went AWOL in 2018?

A teenage Kennedy, we saw in the cold open, was about to be killed by a Rittenhouse sleeper in 1934 when Flynn showed up to save the lad’s bacon. Chased by other sleepers, Wyatt and Rufus had no choice but to flee in the Lifeboat — with JFK — while Flynn stayed behind in the past.

The Time Team aimed to keep Kennedy in the bunker, explaining that people who wished him harm were after him, but first chance he got, the kid slipped out through an air duct. Wyatt and Lucy… and Jessica… then chased after the future president, who during his first 2018 pit stop made fast friends with a lovely lass named Kayla, and then tagged along as she and her pals headed to a Palo Alto house party.

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The kids’ carousing took a detour when Kennedy took ill and required medical attention. Tracking him to a hospital, Emma aimed to take out the revered politician, but he had already left. When Wyatt arrived at the room moments later, a big ol’ fight broke out between him and Emma, who briefly held Lucy at knifepoint before escaping. Because of things Emma said and looks that Wyatt and Lucy exchanged, Jessica gleaned that the two were more than “friends.” A fully understanding Jessica was then ready to exit stage left, asking Lucy to tell Wyatt good-bye for her, when Lucy urged Jess to stick around and give Wyatt a second chance. And once Lucy detailed the lengths Wyatt had gone to in assorted missions to “save” his ill-fated wife, Jessica agreed.

After that, Wyatt, Lucy and Jessica tracked JFK to the house party, where he had come clean to Kayla about who and from when he was — incredulous claims made believable by Wiki pages/photos on the gal’s iPad. When Wyatt came to take JFK “back home,” the teen made a run for it (at which instant his face was replaced on the half-dollar), only to nearly get popped by Emma. Wyatt returned fire, though, and they were able to get Kennedy back to the bunker and into the Lifeboat bound for 1934 — but not before Rufus urged JFK to steer clear of Dallas on that fateful day in 1963.

Moments later, when he, Wyatt and the Lifeboat returned minus Kennedy but with Flynn, Rufus excitedly asked Jiya, Lucy and Agent Christopher if Kennedy in fact cheated death, and maybe even lived to be re-elected. Alas, JFK still wound up assassinated two years into his first term, but in Austin. Later, Flynn eavesdropped as Wyatt thanked Lucy for convincing Jess to give him a second chance. He then popped open a pair of beers, for him and Lucy, as they crashed in front of the TV together.

Elsewhere in the episode, Carol had Agent Christopher abducted, so that the two moms could have a heart-to-heart about the target on Lucy’s back — and how anxious Emma is to hit it with a bullet.

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