Timeless Sneak Peek: Lucy and Wyatt Search for JFK — With Jessica's Help?

The Time Team has a new member, and she’s going to make for a really awkward rescue mission.

Having learned the truth about Wyatt’s time-hopping job during last week’s Timeless, Jessica joins her estranged husband and his almost-girlfriend Lucy on a quest to find a teenage John F. Kennedy in this Sunday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c).

In TVLine’s exclusive video, the trio goes searching for the future POTUS (played by Chasing Life‘s Grant Jordan), who has traveled to modern-day San Francisco… and escaped the bunker to a convenience mart! But first, the team has to get their cover stories straight: JFK is Lucy’s mentally unstable brother, and Wyatt is…?

“You’re my friend. We can be friends, can’t we?” Lucy suggests in a less-than-convincing tone as Jessica stands by. Then the blonde questions the game plan — why not use Wyatt’s military background to their advantage? — but when the suspicious store clerk asks one too many inquisitive questions, it’s Jessica who saves the scheme from falling apart.

Press PLAY above to watch the scene, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the new dynamic.