The Resident Sneak Peek: How Will Conrad and Nic Cope With Lily's Death?

The five stages of grief will be well underway at Chastain Park Memorial when The Resident returns — but some doctors are further along in their mourning than others.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode of the Fox drama (9/8c), which picks up shortly after the death of cancer patient Lily Kendall. Nic, of course, is devastated and guilt-ridden that she wasn’t at the hospital when Lily passed away, and Devon seems similarly shaken by the sudden loss of his patient.

But it’s Conrad who seems to have the toughest time coping. Case in point: After colliding with a biker earlier that day and spraining his ankle, Conrad refuses to get the injury checked out, as some twisted form of self-punishment for Lily’s demise. (The guy makes Dr. House look positively well-adjusted!)

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at Monday’s episode, then drop a comment below with your thoughts!