Looming CBS Cast Shake-Ups: Which Stars Are on Their Way Out?

We don’t want to alarm you, but even if your favorite CBS series is renewed, there’s no guarantee said series’ cast will remain intact. In fact, we can say with ample confidence that several Eye programs will look different when they (likely) return next fall. 

In the spirit of consolidation — and in an effort to help you distinguish fact from fiction as rumors run rampant — we present you with this handy gallery featuring the latest intel on 10 shows generating casting shake-up buzz. In several instances (hello Big Bang Theory!) there is no need for imminent concern. But a few of the slides may prompt you to clutch your grandmother’s pearls. (And in one or two cases, the shake-ups have already taken place.)

So, without further adieu, we invite you to scroll through the gallery (or click here for direct access), process the prattle, and then share your thoughts/hopes/worries in the comments section below.