Last Man on Earth: Get a First Look at Carol's 'Trump'ed-Up 'Masturbatorium'

It’s the Donald Trump cameo we guarantee you did not see coming. In Sunday’s Last Man on Earth (9:30/8:30, Fox), the ever-inventive Carol helps facilitate Todd’s dream of becoming a father by building him a sperm bank. Or, as she refers to it, a “‘masturbatorium.”

But as Todd soon discovers, Carol’s bedazzled pleasure palace comes equipped with a sexist agenda: She wants Todd’s offspring (by way of Erica) to be a boy because, as she argues, “we could use a few more gentleman in our world.” As such, the walls of the self-love chamber are filled with images of famously gifted men throughout history to help Todd “visualize a male result.” And, yes, among the diverse cross section of male icons featured is our current POTUS.

The big question: What attributes does Carol think 45 possesses that would justify his inclusion in her hall of fame? The answer is contained in the video player above.