RuPaul's Drag Race Recap: Was the Right Queen Plucked From the Game?

RuPaul's Drag Race Recap

Little Miss Aquaria sat in her area, judging her fellow queens. Along came a spider who crawled alongside her, inciting their shrieks and screams.

Now that I’ve gotten that little nursery rhyme out of the way, let’s talk about Thursday’s Drag Race, which established Aquaria as the bear poker of Season 10. (As you may recall, The Vixen dubbed herself the season’s official “whistleblower,” so it’s nice to see everyone settling into a role.)

After setting her sights on Miz Cracker last week for allegedly copying her makeup look, Aquaria chose to target Vixen this time around, attempting to diminish her latest win by reminding her that she did it using someone else’s wig. That argument was quickly squashed by the arrival of the aforementioned spider, but the spark reignited later in the episode when Aquaria suggested that “the runways clearly aren’t being judged,” which set Vixen off to the point where Aquaria had to nervously excuse herself from the workroom.

My advice to Aquaria: Focus on yourself. Not only are your actions the only thing you can control in this competition, but you also clearly suck at confrontation. Pointing out others’ flaws will only serve to shine a brighter spotlight on your own, lady.


With so many queens left in the competition, it was smart of RuPaul to give them a mini challenge that allowed each of their personalities to shine — or not shine, depending on which queen we’re talking about — as they auditioned for a chocolate bar commercial dressed in “fresh off the bus” drag.

Blair St. Clair was the clear standout in this challenge (girl can tapdance!), but she graciously shared top honors with Monét X Change and Monique Heart.


The queens were divided into teams of three, with each of the mini challenge’s winners — Blair, Monique and Monét — serving as team captains. Each team was assigned a fake dating app for which they had to produce a scripted commercial. And just like last week, there was one poor little queen (Yuhua Hamasaki!) that no one wanted on their team. In fact, when she eventually landed on Monét’s team by default, the captain made one thing painfully clear: “I got stuck with Yuhua. I didn’t choose her.”

And can you really blame Monét? Not only were all of Yuhua’s ideas terrible — including her first one, which was to rename the app Ru gave them — but her performance was all over the damn place. Of course, Monét probably should have been more focused on Asia O’Hara, who managed to steal the spotlight from her teammates with a single, brilliant glance.

But Monét’s team got along swimmingly compared to Monique’s. After letting Kameron Michaels snatch the role of narrator from her, Mayhem Miller trashed her performance, insisting, “I could have done better.” But when the time came for Mayhem to act out her scene… well, let’s just say Carson Kressley summed it up perfectly when he whispered to fellow director Michelle Visage, “This one’s a total disaster.”


Aquaria may not think runway outfits are taken into consideration, but there were some killer looks served up this week. The judges absolutely ate up Asia’s jaw-dropping Tweety ensemble (pictured above), earning her a well-deserved win. But while Asia clearly outdid her fellow queens, I also feel the need to tip my hat to Monique for this stunning “white-and-gold phoenix” number:

RuPaul's Drag Race Recap

Though Kameron came close to being up for elimination, it ultimately came down to Yuhua and Mayhem, who battled to the tune of Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” — with Courtney freakin’ Love watching them from the judges’ table, no less.

Mayhem emerged the victor (“I’m going to do way better than I did this week!”), sending Yuhua sashaying away. (“You’re part of the family, and I’ma gonna miss you.)

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