Arrow's David Ramsey on Fight Fallout: 'This Is a Major, Fundamental Move'

Arrow Diggle Quits

The Brawl in the Bunker may have ended in a draw, but by the end of this week’s Arrow, there was an unarguable loss.

Having earlier traded words and ultimately blows with Oliver upon learning that he would never reclaim the mantle of Green Arrow, Dig later came to realize that, for all Oliver has improved over the years, his “best” will never be good enough for Dig. So, after six years at Oliver’s side, Diggle quit the team.

“Diggle has made a firm choice in his life about where his place is with the team,” notes his portrayer, David Ramsey. “This is something he’s discussed with his wife (Lyla, played by returning guest star Audrey Marie Anderson), so this is a major, fundamental move.”

Elsewhere in the episode — which did not air here in Yankee country, so pardon the threadbare recap — Ricardo Diaz aimed to further his control of Star City by kidnapping the team of clean cops that Dinah had rounded up, and then poisoning uncorrupted council members with Vertigo. Dinah and Curtis worked to save the good cops, while Oliver, Diggle and Felicity tracked down and destroyed Diaz’s Vertigo operation.

What did you think of the episode “Brothers in Arms”?

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