Famous in Love Season Premiere Recap: Did Paige Pick the Wrong Guy?

Famous In Love Recap

Two burning questions remained atop Wednesday’s super-sized Famous in Love premiere, one of which was answered immediately — and with mixed reactions.

I’m speaking, of course, about the big “Who will Paige choose?!” cliffhanger, which was resolved in the episode’s first few minutes when we reunited with her on the set of (her boyfriend!) Jake’s indie movie Stealing Georgia. Even with the future of Locked remaining up in the air — due to Rainer’s refusal to leave rehab, despite being cleared by his doctors — Paige appeared to be in good spirits… until she tweeted a picture of herself with her “director bae,” setting a most unfortunate chain of events into motion.

For starters, the tweet revealed that Paige was working on another movie, a direct violation of her exclusive contract with the studio producing Locked, a little hiccup Nina was more than happy to point out during a tense meeting at her office. The tweet also struck a nerve with Rainer, even though he appears to have moved on with Harper (The Originals‘ Danielle Campbell), a charity-minded actress he met in rehab — you know, where all great romances start.

You could cut the tension with a knife when Rainer and Paige eventually reunited on the Locked set, where he waxed poetic about his new girlfriend to the point of clearly overcompensating: “That was the single best thing that ever happened to me,” he said of Paige’s decision to be with Jake. “You and me, we would have burned out by now. Instead, I found this new person who I have a deep, soulful connection with. We’re crazy for each other.”

Speaking of crazy, Alexis is now the star of her own hit reality show, with Tangey’s mom (aka Alexis’ new manager) pulling the strings from behind the scenes. She even planted a hidden camera in Alexis’ room, which captured Tangey telling her about Jordan and Nina’s affair. And Alexis probably would have fought to keep the footage from airing, but Nina banning her from filming the show on the Locked set lit a fire in our girl Alexis — and it won’t be extinguished until Nina goes to jail for boning then-underage Jordan.

The other Season 1 cliffhanger (Who shot Barrett Hopper?!) was resolved quickly, and rather unceremoniously, when a news report revealed that Nina’s former assistant Eva plead guilty to the murder. Honestly, I’d suggest that there might be more to that story, but the show doesn’t seem interested in pursuing it, so who am I to start theorizing?

Also worth discussing…

* I love me a good callback, so I appreciated Paige’s new agent scoring her an Us Weekly cover (which we saw in the first scene of the pilot).

* Am I imagining things, or have all the characters — especially the gentlemen — gotten way more attractive between seasons?

* I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for this show, but I refuse to accept that #PaigeSucks became a worldwide trending topic on social media within a minute of her posting a picture with Jake.

* While we’re talking social media, how did Jake’s entrance at last season’s press conference become a gif? There were zero video cameras positioned behind Paige and Rainer when that went down.

* I also hate to be “that guy,” but someone has to say it: Stealing Georgia looks terrible. If it gets accepted into Sundance, I will riot.

* And I love Jordan, but are we really supposed to believe he’s on par with Matt Damon?!

* Lastly, I noticed a ton of billboards for Locked around Los Angeles — but what exactly is being promoted? A movie that not only isn’t finished, but might never be finished? Don’t studios usually wait until a movie is done before promoting it publicly?

OK, I’ve said enough. Time to hear from you. Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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