Scandal Recap: Command Control Shift

Scandal Recap

With only four episodes left in Scandal‘s run, the battle lines have never been clearer — so why is it taking these characters so long to recognize them?!

Thursday’s harrowing hour began with Charlie receiving an offer he couldn’t not refuse: He was “asked” to sign a confession saying that Mellie hired him to hijack Air Force Two. In exchange for his compliance, he would be fully pardoned once Cyrus becomes POTUS — a deal he turned down with a polite “go to hell.”

Knowing it was the only way to save her baby daddy, Quinn forged an unholy alliance with Olivia: “We have a common Enemy. And whatever our differences, we put it aside for now.” That turned out to be easier said that done.

Once Cyrus caught wind of their partnership, he slithered directly over to Quinn, convincing her that Olivia only wants to secure Mellie’s presidency because she still believes — way deep down — that Mellie will eventually invite her back into the White House. (He wasn’t wrong about that, though it’s kind of ironic how his actions will actually be the catalyst for her return.)

This is where things got… frustrating. Even with Fitz backing up Olivia’s claims, Mellie refused to believe that Cyrus could organize such a stunt. You know, as if she just met the guy yesterday. Even worse, she asked Jake — the dude who just made a sexual advance on her to gain power — to investigate Cyrus. Was anyone surprised that Jake’s “investigation” ended with him joining Cyrus’ crusade in exchange for a job in the Beene Administration? (Oof, those last two words just gave me chills.)

But by the time Mellie finally put the pieces together — a journey which involved a brief sexual detour with Marcus (woohoo!) — it was too late. “B613 no longer serves you,” Jake smugly informed Mellie, sending her right to Olivia’s doorstep with a hell of a request: “Be my Command again. Kill. Cyrus. Beene.”

Your thoughts on Thursday’s Darby Stanchfield-directed hour? Hopes for the final three episodes? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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