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Suits Boss Talks Premiere's 'Darvey' Realization: 'The Story Is Not Over'

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Suits premiere.

Was Donna and Harvey’s kiss just a kiss, or the beginning of something more? According to Suits executive producer Aaron Korsh, it was both.

During Wednesday’s Season 7B premiere, Harvey was so rocked by the smooch Donna planted on him that he went running the other way and asked his girlfriend Paula to move in with him. But he left out the lip-lock part — not to mention the fact that he once slept with Donna! (He did confess the whole truth at the end of the episode.)

Meanwhile, the redhead said she felt nothing during the kiss, and an angry Harvey claimed he was only affected because of his issues with infidelity. The pair made amends after Donna apologized for crossing the line and Harvey acknowledged that she has often put him before herself. However, the storyline “is far from over between the two of them,” and will have “consequences on the relationship with Harvey and Paula,” Korsh tells TVLine.

Read on as the EP talks “Darvey’s” true feelings and previews Paula’s response.

Suits Donna/Harvey KissTVLINE | The kiss cliffhanger played out with Donna and Harvey realizing that they didn’t have any romantic feelings for each other. Are they being completely honest with each other and with themselves?
Probably not to some degree. The Harvey and Donna story, obviously, is not over after Episode 11. The push and the pull that they have with each other, no matter where it ends, is not finished. It’s not finished in the long run, and it’s definitely not finished for these back six [episodes].

Harvey has very strong feelings about infidelity and things like that. What Donna did, it touched on that, and even if he had feelings for her, it just messed him up. It probably would’ve been different if she’d have said to him, “Harvey, do we have feelings for each other? Should you break up with Paula, I want to say that.” I don’t think she could’ve done that. I think she tried that before, so the kiss is what she had to do for herself. But because it was an actual crossing of a physical boundary, and Harvey is who he is, it messed him up vis-à-vis his relationship with Paula. It didn’t allow for him to necessarily access what he’s really feeling.

TVLINE | Harvey and Donna were so angry at each other in this episode. Going forward, is the relationship between them back on track, the friendship aspect of it?
Harvey’s sense of self was violated a little bit, and that’s what led to this thing, and he doesn’t handle it in the most mature of ways. I don’t know that they’re always at their most mature selves when their relationship is being discussed, but that makes for good drama, sometimes. But yeah, they’re going to get back on track. I mean, they’re Harvey and Donna. At their core, they’re always there for each other, and they’re going to make it through this thing.

TVLINE | Does this experience and Donna’s realization cause her to change the way she puts Harvey first, and maybe decide to pursue her own romance and her own life ahead of his?
It might. I feel like Season 7 is in large measure, for Donna, figuring out what she wants out of life. We ended Season 6 with her saying she wants more. What does “more” mean to her? In some area, “more” means she wanted more professionally — and she got it. And by the way, she got it because Harvey recognized that she’s worth it. Harvey’s the one that promoted her. I don’t want to forget that. And then she was also thinking: Does she want more personally, vis-à-vis the Mark Meadows thing and then kissing Harvey? So it’s all a process of growth for Donna, and as far as Season 7 goes, she’s got to get through the aftermath of this thing she did before she can pursue a relationship with anybody else.

Suits Harvey PaulaTVLINE | Why hasn’t Harvey told Paula the whole truth about his past with Donna until now?
Because he’s not a fully evolved, emotional human being. [Laughs] He’s afraid to reveal the whole truth. One way you could look at it is that he knows he has feelings for Donna, and he knows if he tells the full story to Paula, they’re done. And he doesn’t even want to admit that to himself. You could also look at it like he thinks that if he tells Paula all these things after what Donna did, that it’s just going to mess up his relationship with Paula, and he doesn’t want that to happen so he’s not telling her [to] protect his relationship with Paula. The problem with that is: When you keep secrets that are boring a hole in your brain from the person that you’re in a relationship with, it’s going to take its toll in a different form or fashion. So he’s in a pickle. Usually, the way out of a pickle when you’re in a relationship is honesty and forthcomingness, but that’s not always easy to do.

TVLINE | You left the premiere off on a cliffhanger. How is Paula going to react to learning that Harvey and Donna slept together?
[Laughs] She’s not going to react wonderfully. If you take a look at what Harvey did when he came home, he didn’t tell her what happened. He suggested a radical moving forward in their relationship, and she sort of sensed, “Where is this coming from?” and he didn’t tell her where it was coming from. In his mind, where it was coming from was like, “I’ve just been through something that I want to run away from. I feel safe when I’m with you. Let’s be in a bubble and never deal with that thing that happened. I don’t have to deal with it there. I don’t want to deal with it here.” And that’s why he said that thing. But because he was not forthright — he is telling her the truth now — the thing she’s probably going to be more upset about is not the fact that it happened, but that he didn’t tell her. And not only did he not tell her, he asked her to move in with him and then didn’t explain why. So that’s the issue that they have to work through in the next episode.

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